The "AirGator Garage Ventilation System" Story 

When it comes to healthy air for you and your family, Steve Andras and his AirGator team are here for you! His moisture control & air quality experts all across America, have dedicated themselves to doing a deep dive into what is making your home unhealthy, and your family sick. For many years, Steve has been passionate about home health and home performance, from an energy savings and indoor air quality perspective. Lowering the energy usage, and keeping unconditioned, unhealthy outdoor air, out of the interior indoor living space is a constant struggle for homeowners, from Cape Cod to California.

One area of deep concern, that has been ignored, is the quality of air in your garage, and the fact that it is infiltrating your ground floor living space. Then through the "stack effect", it works its way up through the higher floors in your home. Basically, "what is in your garage, is in your home". The smells from your garbage & gas, the toxic air from your cars, lawn mower & other mechanical equipment. Paint cans, gas containers, all types of indoor air contaminants, stored in your garage, are in the air you breath, in every room in your home.

You and your family can rest easy with one call to one of Steve's authorized AirGator Contractors and their dedicated team of indoor air quality pros. A fully trained Airgator Network Contractor will install the innovative Airgator Garage ventilation System in as little as one day, and you will immediately begin breathing easier. 

How to stop

Garage Odors
Fumes, & Toxins!

The Air-Gator& Garage Vent lahon System is a IOW maintenance unit that helps protect your home and family from toxins and poor air quality resulting in a cleaner, healthier living environment.

Garage Ventilation
AirGator work by air exchange

AirGator System Product Specs

This Unit is primarily for an attached garage but can also be used for an unattached garage as well.

  • Service area; 7000 sf
  • Air flow:138 cfm
  • Noise level:35 dB
  • 110 Volts
  • .3 amps
  • 31 watts
  • Single phase
  • Base motor dimensions-8"*20"*6"
  • Entire Unit weighs 16 lbs.
  • 23"*17"*15"
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